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This Mexican Old Fashioned is The Whiskey Lover’s Cinco de Mayo Treat

There are few times of the year whiskey lovers don't get to join in the fun, but for a lot of us,...

Make These $1000 Woodford Reserve Mint Juleps at Home for Just $20

As the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby, Woodford Reserve has a slew of Derby traditions - including the $1000 Mint Julep...

Barrel Aged Maple Syrup Old Fashioned

Special shout out to our friends and owners of Dorset Maple Reserve Farm in Vermont - Austin and Lauren Felis. Great...

The Wintry Cocktail “Remedy” You Need in Your Life!

Old Overholt Remedy 33 INGREDIENTS 1.5 parts Old Overholt Bonded

“Delightful” Rye Whiskey Cocktail named after this late 19th Century US President

If you guessed the namesake of this rye whiskey cocktail was after the 25th US President, William McKinley, well, good on you...

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Nine New Bourbons to Hunt for National Bourbon Day 2021

National Bourbon Day 2021 lands on Monday, June 14th, and after last year, our bars are seriously ready for a restock. Luckily...

National Bourbon Day Weekend Celebration in Bardstown, Kentucky

On June 14th, a National Day of epic celebration proportions is soon approaching - NATIONAL BOURBON DAY!

Old Forester Releasing Single Barrel Rye—Jackie Zykan on What You Need to Know

Kentucky Bourbon brand Old Forester is releasing a new limited release of Old Forester Single Barrel Rye. This is the first new...

Maker’s Mark Wants to Make-Over Your Home Bar (And a Friend’s), HGTV Style

Iconic Kentucky whiskey brand Maker’s Mark wants to makeover you bar, HGTV style. The bourbon distiller has partnered with Orlando Soria of...

Buffalo Trace has Officially Announced the Release of E.H. Taylor Warehouse C Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Distillery has announced their annual limited edition Col. E.H. Taylor, Warehouse C Bourbon. The new Taylor...

Limited Edition Evan Williams Bottles Recognize 2021 American-Made Heroes

Heaven Hill has shared the names and faces that will adorn limited edition Evan Williams Black bottles for the 2021 release of...

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